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Yes, you read that correctly “MP3 to Text”.    This site will soon be home to a web based audio conversion service that will allow you to convert any spoken word audio file into a text file format.  In short, an automated transcription service.  Imagine a simple interface where you can upload any spoken word audio file (MP3, WAV, WMA) and then a few minutes later receive an email notifying you that your audio file has been converted and is ready for download in the text file format of your choice (txt, doc, pdf).  No more paying overpriced firms thousands of dollars to transcribe your MP3s or being forced to purchase expensive voice recognition software that you have to train.  Just easy-to-use audio conversion service between a MP3 and text file.

Ok, how does it work?

Well, quite simply we are utilizing the absolute latest in voice recognition technology developed by leading universities.  We are supported by a team of dedicated professional voice recognition and IT experts to assure that your conversion is accurate and complete.

Who will benefit?

  • a student who records lectures in class but wants to print out the lectures for studying
  • a professor looking to physically archive or distribute his lectures on paper
  • a pastor looking to preserve sermons
  • anyone who suffers with hearing loss and would like to convert an audio file for reading
  • journalists looking to convert recorded interviews
  • anyone who has an audio file that they would like to print out!

When will this service be available?

We are still working out the kinks and we appreciate your patience.  We would encourage you to sign up for our newsletter so you can be notified the instant we hit go.

How much will it cost?

Pricing models have yet to be fully determined but we are hoping to offer a tier based subscription service ranging from free to a set monthly amount depending on the size and the quantity of audio file(s).

How can I learn more?

Feel free to contact me using our contact page if you are interested in more information about this upcoming service or if you would like to receive an investor prospectus.

Thanks for stopping by and we can’t wait to help your convert your MP3 files to text!

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